Electrodes and rods

With our 40 years experience in harfacing and cladding, Technogenia also supplies an extensive range of rods and electrodes.

These products allow us to provide the best suitable solutions in terms of cost and expected wear resistance


Technoloy® is a composite rod made using crushed sintered Tungsten Carbide grains bonded with a bronze nickel matrix, (Cu 50 Zn 40 Ni 10) with a low melting point ( 870°C ).

Originally developed for cutting tools, Technoloy® composite rods could be used for hardfacing and wear resistance protection.

Packaged in 5 or 10 kg box (450 mm length)

Grain sizes
1/8-1/16 in. ( 3.2-1.6 mm )
5/16-1/4 in. (7.9 -6.3 mm)
1/2-5/16 in. (12.7-7.9 mm)
3/8-5/16 in. (9.5-7.9 mm)
3/16-1/8 in. (4.8-3.2 mm)
1/4-3/16 in. (6.3-4.8 mm)
3/8-1/4 in. (9.5-6.3 mm)

Technochrome® HR lisse

High chromiun content (33%) hardfacing electrode. It provides perfectly smooth, regular surfaces with very low friction coefficient.

Maximum hardness (62 Hrc) is obtained by a two-layer weld deposit.

Packaged in 5 kg box ( 450 mm length).


High performance nickel composite rods with Spherotene®, spherical cast tungsten carbide (3000 Hv)

Specially design for drilling tools, harfacing of edges…

Easy to weld with an oxy-acetylene torch or a TIG. No fume.

Packaged in 5 kg box ( 490 mm length)

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