Oxyacetylene torch Technokit® 2000

High quality of welding overlays done with Technogenia products requires appropriate equipment.

Technogenia, with a long experience in welding, has selected a specially designed torch kit for our products.

Light and balanced, it is highly appreciated by welders worldwide. The length of the guns makes flame welding more comfortable by keeping the user’s hands away from hot areas.

Technokit® 2000 comes complete with a powder feeding system which uses the simultaneous spray-fuse technique.

Semi automatic feeder FD2000 for welding rope Technodur® and Technosphere®

In order to weld large quantity of rope and to increase the productivity, Technognia has developed a specific semi-automatic feederFD.

This syste, specially designed by Technogenia, lets you save large amounts of gas and welding time. It is easier to maintain the temperature of the part and the welding area.

FD2000 is suitable for rope diameter 4, 6 and 8 mm.

Technocore Feeder® for cored wires

Technocore Feeder® allows you to transform your traditional welding machine into a MIG/MAG welding machine, suitable to weld our Technocore® wires. It takes its power from the welding machine

Technocore Feeder® is recommend for site work and is compatible with most welding generators.

The torch is not included. You need a gas cylinder with pressure reducer and flow meter.

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