Technosphere and Technodur spools

Technodur® and Technosphere® are available in 20 kg reels (also possible in 10 or 15 kg upon request) allowing an economic and reliable weld.
These materials are applied with the Technokit T2000, an oxyacetylene torch.
Welding is easy and economic. It offers the major advantage of preserving the hardness of the Tungsten Carbide particles.

Use :

Technodur® and Technosphere® can be applied to all non-martensitic steels and weldable stainless steels.
The deposits are free from cracks and any deformation caused by welding is very limited.
Technodur® and Technosphere® can be welded easily onto themselves. This is a real advantage for some repairs.

Technodur : Crushed Tungsten Carbide grains – Hardness 2000 HV ± 200 HV

Since the beginning Technodur® has represented a very significant advance in the field of anti-wear protections.
They give new possibilities and advantages:

  • no smokes
  • no loss during welding
  • exceptional resistance to abrasion
  • ease of repairs
  • no cracks

Technosphere : Spherical cast Tungsten Carbide grains – Hardness 3000 HV ± 500 HV

The difference lies in the use of spherical Tungsten Carbide grains called Spherotene®.
The spherical shape and the extreme hardness of the Spherotene® give Technosphere®, amongst other properties, two advantages:

  • Better shocks resistance
  • Unequalledwear resistance

Applications :

Petrol and gas drilling

  • Stabilizer blades
  • Drilling heads

Foundries and steel industry

  • Blades and scrapers for sand mixers
  • Press guides

Ceramic Industry

  • Press screws
  • Blades and screws for mixers
  • Scrapers for cylinder
  • Sheaths and casings for press

Aluminium Plants

  • Screw elements


  • Cutter teeth

Waste treatment and recycling

  • Conveyor screws

Food Industry
Paper Industry
Cement works


Quality control

Quality control

Wire extrusion

Wire extrusion

Technosphere spools

Technosphere spools

Technosphere with spool holder

Technosphere with spool holder